More than 58 years after its cancellation, the BAC TSR2 is still a controversial aircraft. Supposedly years ahead of its time, it was abruptly cancelled by a new government when flight testing had only just begun. This fascinating book describes in detail the aircraft, its history and the events of its cancellation. Many hitherto unseen photographs and diagrams support the detailed text, which benefits from extensive research in the BAC archives and access to newly rediscovered material.
  • Background to the requirement, and the competing designs
  • Design, build and flight-testing of the TSR2
  • Detailed descriptions of the aircraft and its systems
  • Plans for RAF service and weapons to be carried
  • The full story of the cancellation and its aftermath
  • Details of the various unbuilt variants including the trainer and fighter
  • Flight Reference Cards
  • 351 pages, over 400 photographs and diagrams, many in full colour.
"Arguably the best book yet on this aircraft" - Aviation News
"An outstanding piece of work. Damien Burke's TSR2 is a real cut above the competition." - Rowland White
"This remarkable work will be the definitive tome on the TSR2 for many years to come and can be heartily recommended." - Airfield Review